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Depaxi Katoch

I do branding and marketing stuff!

What do i do?

I am a branding consultant and a graphic designer. If you are a local business and are interested in expanding work into the world of social media with a budget in hand, then I am the one for you! This is what I & my team provide:-

Sleek & Beautiful

Social Media Management

From managing social media channels, blogs, audience engagement, audience base creation to complete holistic marketing approach for social media in terms of Strategy, digital PR, content creation, market research, branding, online brand reputation management, campaign management, paid advertisement, etc. delivering just about everything you need for your social media campaigns and projects.

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Creative Design

From creative digital designing to Print media designing for all the printing needs like Poster Designing, Brochure designing, newspaper ad designs, print ad designing, etc. to boost the marketing efforts.

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Content Creation

Creating optimum content for blogs, social media posts, print designs, advertisements, copy writing, etc.

Portfolio Projects

Marketing Media Projects

Sleek & Beautiful

EAP - Earth Adventure Project

Print design solution and social media marketing.

Sleek & Beautiful

Lotus Lamp Oil by IndusHerbs

Brand strategy, Packaging design, design strategy, social media marketing, Product photography and entire marketing campaign.

Sleek & Beautiful

Microsite - IndusHerbs

Created a microsite for Indusherbs, a eco-consultanting company to promote a Hindu Festival theme campaign.

Sleek & Beautiful

Aarogyam Energy Jewellery

Social Media Marketing + Content

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