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Tips for branding on social media images

I often come across a good quality image on social media, with good content on it but then stop myself from sharing it because there is too much of branding done on the image. Does that happen with you as well? It’s just some brands are doing it right with their content on social media but they kill it while executing with their creatives. Here are my tips on how a brand can optimize their social media images while putting the right amount of branding in it.

[slideshare id=45844504&doc=tipsforfanengagement-150315001039-conversion-gate01]

#1 Blend in

Some brands just over power the image with their logos all over. Hence the shareablity of the image decreases, so logos should blend in with the image, not shout out.

Try to be as minimal with branding as possible

#2 Avoid too much of branding

Too much of branding can just kill the content. I’ve seen a single post with 3 different logos, a logo of the company, another one of parent company and the third of the client. I was confused as hell with what they’re trying to put across & whose  product was it actually of!

Avoid too much of logo placing

#3 Share Friendly

Think of this like, what makes you share an image on your profile? When you are doing so you not only think of points which needs to be included on the image but also of the points you don’t like on an image. As for people’s opinions & feedback as this with provide you with a holistic viewpoint.

Should be share friendly but should also keep branding in mind

#4 Watermark

Watermark are best way to do branding without being too much on the face with logos. But I’ve also seen brands with too much of watermarks on their pictures! That too should be avoided only one watermark will do.

Too much of watermark on an image

#5 Different ways to get credit for you image

You do branding on your image so that you get credit for the image & it’s content. Try different ways to brand your image with playing across your logo a bit, or putting credit text on the post followed by the image, etc. Just play around with the content & image in order to minimize the branding effect & see what works.

Can use URL post images

Can use URL post images

#6 Be Graceful

Branding is an art, and it should be done graceful! The more subtle you are with branding on social media the more people like your content. As social media is not about branding but it’s about connecting the brands with people.

Try utilizing from these points on your next post & see if it works or not! DO share your feedback too, I would love to hear!

Online Indian gifts & flower shops review

It’s delicious December, a month of get together, parties, food and sending some sweet wishes across so many loved ones! So I’ll just cut down the hassle for you and make a list of my top follower shops online for you to consider before you make some orders!


It’s little bit on the expensive side but the flowers are awesome and fresh, like they are hand picked from the garden. The image on the website and the followers which are delivered look exactly the same. The deliver can be made on the day itself (but you need to pay extra costs sometimes), there is an option for midnight delivery too (this too can be heavy on the pocket) and the website has option of sending cakes, gifts, sweets and personalized stuff (which you must have guessed by now adds more while checking out). I have taken their service many times and sometimes when I forget they give me a reminder call for my last years’ purchase! They last keep on sending me vouchers which I can avail within a stipulated time which I find absolutely amazing as my mother loves fresh flowers & I love surprising her every once in a while! Do check coupons available while checking out to save more!


It’s too like fnp, it sends same quality followers, cakes, chocolates and gifts at little bit lesser price. The awesome product which I seriously adore in the flaberry flowershop is flowers in vase! They send you a amazing glass vase along the bouquet! They even have this awesome video message service on their app which you can send along with your product to add a wow factor to your message, I haven’t used it but kinda sounds fun! But the quality sometimes diverts from what is shown on the website while sending it across few places. Overall it’s not that great and established like fnp but I did love the bouquet I received in Mumbai! Do check coupons while making your orders to save more!


Even though how ironical the name sounds, the moment you see the website all your ironies will wash away! The website is almost replica of fnp website, even the categories!  No recommending it but yes you can have a look!


I did buy a gift for my friend once. The packaging was very neat with floweraura boxes wrapping but they did not delivery it on time. she received the gift after the birthday. Maybe not a best option as their prices are similar to the niche market but they lack time management in my case. I also ordered flowers & they were worth Rs 450 but street vendor sells better with their packaging & price. I complained about it but they did nothing, I even saw many negative tweets about it on social media, so on the whole this website has a bad service & products, avoid buying from this website.

Along with these sites we also have sites like Indiangiftsportal, Indiaflowers, etc which you can check out too! I haven’t purchased anything from them yet but I sure will soon! Do let me know if you have other sites which you recommend!